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Setting Bail

When someone is arrested they are processed and booked at the local jail.  Once this is finiahed, they are taken before a judge who will decide whether to assign bail or not. If the arrestee has missed court appearances in the past, committed a serious crime or poses a flight risk then most likely no bail will be set. If the judge does assign bail, the amount will be based on the crime committed, whether he or she is a repeat offender, how likely the individual is to show up for court, his or her age, and ties to the community. Once the bail is paid, the individual can be released until their trial date.

Paying a Cash Bond

The arrestee can pay the full bail amount set by the court if they chose not to use a bail bondsman. The only catch.... it has to be in CASH and for the FULL bail amount.  The individual must return to court for all appointed court dates to qualify for a full refund of the bail. The money will generally be returned within a few months of fulfilling court obligations. If the individual misses the court dates, then the money is forfeited to the courts.

What is a Bail Bond

Bail Bond is also known as a surety bond. Surety bonds are the most popular type of bail due to low fees. If an individual doesn't have enough money to post bail themselves, he or she can use a bail bond company to get out of jail. The Bond company will pay the full bond amount to get the individual released and only charge 10% of the bond as a fee.
For example, if the bail was set at $1,000 then the arrestee would have to pay $100 to the bondsman for getting him or her out of jail. The bond company doesn’t want to loose the money they put up for bond, so typically they will make sure the arrestee has a co-signer that can pay the full bail bond back if the individual skips town. The co-signer will be responsible for the full amount if the individual doesn’t show up for his court date.  When the defendant shows up for court and the case is settled the bond company will have the money they paid to the courts released and the bond closed.

Qualifications of a co-signer:

The Co-Signer needs to understand that they are responsible for paying the bond in full if the defendant skips out on court. To be considered as a Co-Signer, they must show that they can pay back the bond in full if required. Bail bondsman are more apt to accept a Co-Signer that has ties to the community through property, family and a job.

Using a Bail Bondsman to Get Out of Jail

Using a bail bondsman to get out of jail is the easiest and cheapest way to do so.  Bail Bondsmen actually put up the full amount of the bond using their own money and in return charge a premium which is typically 10% of the bond.  The premium is the fee the bondsman charges to use their money and will not be returned to you.  
So for example if the courts impose a $5,000 bond and you use a bondsman, you will pay $500 to get your friend or love one out of jail, BUT you must be sure the defendant goes to all his court dates until his/her case is over or you may be stuck paying the FULL bond amount back to the bondsman.
If for some reason the defendant misses his or her court date, contact your lawyer and bail bondsman immediately and let them know what happened.  They may be able to contact the courts and solve the misunderstanding before further legal action is taken.

Getting released from jail

Drawing up a bond takes about 30 minutes to complete, once the fees are paid to the jail, bail will be complete. The release from jail can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours depending on how busy the jail facility is at the time.